Graphic Design & Brand Strategy

Visual Concepts

Enhancing your public image through creative and effective graphic design.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Building your brand through platform management and online campaigns.

Website Design & Development

Online Communication

Optimising your online presence through website design, development and SEO implementation.

Who We Are..

Working Together to Deliver Value
to Your Business.

Blackwolf Public Relations is a boutique consultancy specialising in digital marketing. Our aim is to build brand awareness through effective communication strategies.

Concepts & Brainstorming

1. Concepts & Brainstorming

We create marketing concepts that are tailored to your target audience and company branding.

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Research & Development

2. Research & Development

We conduct extensive research on industry and audience to optimise our outreach.

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 Execution & Digitalisation

3. Execution & Digitalisation

We execute strategies that drive high quality traffic through to your online platforms.

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Common Questions

From our Clients

Public Relations is about maintaining a favourable public image whether it is between an organisation and its target audience or between a person and the people they want to influence. PR consultants use effective communication strategies to help increase brand visibility, shape public perceptions and strengthen reputation.

If there is one piece of advice that we can offer you about public relations it is this:  We know that a brands primary goal is to generate business leads and that the number one driver of purchases comes from brand visibility. PR aims to increase brand visibility by implementing strategically focused tactics that attract more clients and put more money into your pocket.

We have tools like social media analytics and HubSpot that effectively measure the traffic on your online platforms. We stay vigilant and aware of who is on your page and what they are interested in. This helps us to determine the timing and content of each post to effectively reach your target audience.

Having a sufficient Crisis Communication Plan can mean the difference between company success or a reputation left in ruins. A crisis can happen at a minute’s notice and emotions usually run high. It is important to have a rational, step by step process in place that allows for every type of crisis. Without a plan, your business and reputation is put at risk.